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We've placed hundreds of Job Seekers in various industries, and have created a brand-new informational series of programs to help JobSeekers design and deliver a high-converting success strategy on How to find and land that perfect Job or embark on a change in careers! 

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Zoominars you don't want to miss...

  1. Job Forums/Blogs/Vlogs/How-To's- A Free -for-All Forum to Ask, Give Advice, Post Your Opinion, Share your Inspirations, Successes, Failures or Share any Topic! 

  2. The Hottest Jobs- Where they are, Who's Hiring, What they pay and When's the Best Time to look for a job? Find out Now

  3. Does Beauty Matter in the Workplace? Are those born with beauty or charisma more successful? Find out what 'beautiful' people say...

  4. Not ready to Retire? Tired of competing with younger workers? Find out why Consulting for older professionals is better than vying for jobs-

  5. Have you had a dream that didn't work out? Learn from the experts on How to f for you!

  6. Did you throw in the towel and regret it? Ready to give it one more chance? Tips and tricks to make it work for you!

  7. Submitted your resume and Not getting noticed?  Tricks and Tips from Hiring Managers on how to get ahead of the competition

  8. Have you lied on your Resume? Will you get found out? Find out what truths to include or avoid on your Resume...

  9. Why Didn't I get Hired? What went wrong or what did you NOT do right? Find out what Hiring Managers have to say about how to succeed...

  10. Landing the interview- What to do right and mistakes to avoid- Find out what Recruiters say 

  11. Stuck in a dead-end Job? Thinking about your next move but not sure where to start? Take our short quiz and lets start exploring! 

  12. Frustrated at your job? Working with difficult people? Here are a few ways to deal with it both in and outside the workplace!

  13. Does Race really matter? Should you 'race proof' your identity? Why skills, NOT race should matter in any workplace and what to do about it

  14. Do you have a Job Success or Horror Story to Tell? Share it to enlighten our viewers

  15. Who's in control Today- The Employer or the Employee? Learn about the new Post-Covid-19 rules for employment and how the tables have turned 

  16. How they made it to the Top- Revelations from Top Entrepreneurs and Industry icons- Who they are, why they started and how they made it happen! 

  17. Still need a helping Hand?  Need a Free One-on-One 20 minute Coaching/ Interview Prep or a Free Resume Review?  Contact Us OR Book an Appointment by Chat

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We organize monthly Jobinars/Webinars/Zoominars featuring Top Execs, Entrepreneurs and CEO's, successful Business owners, Career Coaches, Recruiters and Hiring Managers. Learn how they got started, who helped, how they found mentors, partners, loyal employees, and what you need to do or who to connect with to make it happen for you!  

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