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 On a Mission to Re-Imagine, Work and your WorkForce! 

We seek partnerships with Essential  Businesses and Farm Owners to Support our 2nd Chance Foundation through which we we facilitate Job Placements for the Justice involved populations through 2nd Chance Re-Entry Programs.
Everyone Deserves a 2nd Chance!  Let us help you hire and train essential workers for your Company with City and State Funding...
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Say No to Incarceration

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Support our 2nd Chance Job Foundation

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Say Yes to Rural Rehabilitation

Dear Business Owner, Potential Donor or Sponsor, 


As Recruitment Consultants for the Mental and Behavioral Health Jail facilities, we urge you to view this Video to understand the real truth about the unnecessary and wrongful incarceration of our population in Mental Health  facilities when all they need is a helping hand and a 2nd Chance! 


This untapped resource of US citizens languish in interminable hold-patterns for minor infractions, such as driving without a license a DUI, Social Drugs and include young adults from the Foster Systems abandoned by their families and rendered homeless with no hope of support.  With an approximate 126,000 children entering the California Foster Systems each year - they become prey to criminals and are picked up by law enforcement instead of by Social Services and with no resource or recourse to bail, they are held inside our jail mental-health units due to lack of avaiable housing and soon end up to become part of our very profit-generating Government-run Justice Systems. 

Here are some startling statistics: 

  • More than 10,000 inmates are released  from the justice systems each week and 4 out of 10 experience rescividism only to be recycled back! 

  • More than 126,000 kids enter the Foster Systems each year in California alone with no parent or family support! ​

  • Prison sentences are 20% longer for blacks than for whites or other ethnics

  • Non-violent Alcohol and drug addiction inmates are wrongfully labelled 'mentally ill' and housed in Medical units for want of space! 

  • The # 1 cause for recidivism is poverty and unemployment! 


How does this happen? 

  • The breakdowns and 'holes' that exist in tour rehab, recovery and rehab systems has been devastating for victims especially during the Covid and made it impossible to for them to find jobs

  • Without family members or relatives for support, most are homeless, live on the street and find it impossible to survive 

  • Many are remanded due to unfair trials and convictions attributed to sub-level overloaded Attorneys and Attorney failures.

  • Many are unfortunate victims of social injustice-they are inconvenient children abandoned due to marital breakups, the absence of fathers, poverty, single parenthood-absence of after-school supervision, and free availability and access to addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol. Society has let them let down in many ways and without family, parents or community for support, they lose all faith and trust in humans. 

How can Employers help?


Incarceration, Punishment, Isolation, shackles, restraints  and lock-downs behind cold windowless cages is NOT the answer. Their families failed them. Our Government profits from them. Wrongful incarceration and denying hope or a future is unconscionable! 


While we cannot fix our justice systems, let us unite together as a community of caring businesses to give them a Second Chance!  By partnering with us and providing employment with Paid-On-The-Job Training with funds from your local cities and states, humanitarian employers can ensure continuity of rehab, stability in careers and financial education to enable seamless integration into welcoming communities to prevent rescividism and falling through the cracks.


We thank our existing Employer Partners who support our endeavors! 

We seek new Partnerships in Technology, Logistics, Transportation, Construction, Building Trades and Agriculture to hire to and train our candidates. 

Learn more about the mutual benefits of adding your name here and Contact Us to find out how you can help...