Say No To Incarceration

Support Med-Free Rural Rehabilitation! 

Everyone deserves a 2nd Chance! 


An invitation to Small Businesses, Farm Owners and Employers - We're here to help you find essential workers through City or State Paid Work-Training programs designed to facilitate 2nd Chance Job Placement for the Justice involved populations.

Do you know there is a untapped availability of  work-ready non-violent, non-criminal US citizens - cleared from minor infractions- waiting in County Jails for gainful employment?  Many are from the Foster Systems, with no parents, families or communities to welcome them back and with  an approximate 126,000 young children entering the Foster Systems each year in California alone- with no way out and no family for support- they end up at age 16 homeless on the streets only to be recycled again and again to become part of our very profitable Government-run Justice Systems. 

They are not criminals but victims of our social justice system and don't belong in jails!  Punishment, restraints, shackles or housed in lock-downs behind cold windowless cages is Not the answer. They need work, rehabilitation, a caring Employer and a welcoming community to embrace them. They were not so lucky to get a head start in life or choose their career path. Their families failed them. Our Government profits from them.


Read their tragic true stories and Uncover the Horrible Truths...

My role as a Recruiter is to partner with Business Employers struggling to find staff or essential workers.​  We have them. You can help and they can help you!  We facilitate Internships, Externships and Apprenticeships for our Work-ready US Citizens through Re-Entry Programs through City/State funded 3–6-month pre-paid stipend programs in exchange for On-The-Job-Employer-Training. 


By signing up as a Partner, you will give them a Second-Chance and a life changing transformation as you train them to succeed in your industry.

Contact us to find out we can facilitate employment with state funding.

Here's other ways you can help...

From Uber Credits to School Supplies, Work and Safety Gear, Tools and Tool Belts, by Funding a Full Apprenticeship, Scholarship or Temporary Housing- you will change Lives, Build Careers, and help turn the lights on in the Lives of our own US citizens, who deserve a 2nd Chance- One Apprentice at a Time! All donations are tax-deductible and receipts are sent to you per e-mail.  


Support Transportation/Uber Credits

Help Support an Apprentice with Transportation/UBER Credits

Support School Supplies

Help Support an Apprentice with School /Student Supplies

Support Work Boots & Safety Gear

Help Support an Apprentice with Work Boots and Safety Gear

Support our Mask Maker Jobs

Help Purchase  Mask materials to create Jobs for Masks makers who sew masks for the Homeless

Support Our Educators & Training Staff

Help Support an Apprentice with School /Student Supplies

Help Buy Tool Belt & Tools

Help Support an Apprentice with Work Boots and Safety Gear

Apply to be an  Employer Partner 

If you are a company looking for workers, sign up for information on how to obtain job training Stipends

Support Our DOL Certificate Program

Help Support an Apprentice with a Certfied Deppartment of Labor Program

Help Buy Refurbished phones for Seniors

Help Support a Senior by donating a refurbished iPhone or help to purchase an IPhone

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