Virtual Team Meeting


As an immgrant and mother and I wore many hats and took on many jobs to put my kids through school and college.  I learned a lot of ancillary skills that sustained us through hardships and through this journey I discovered that my true calling was matching people in gainful careers that enhanced their skill set.


We've placed thousands of Job Seekers from all walks of life with great companies, and I am proud to have contributed to their futures and that of their families.  What started 25 years ago as a Boutique Headhunting & Recruitment Firm, has grown into a passion to undertake various collaborative Job Project Initiatives to provide struggling post-pandemic Employers experiencing the Great American Quit with a pent-up demand for essential workers who are looking for flexible work and work schedules. 


The Covid has proven that the world is evolving and adjusting to a sea of constant change and as a Changemaker & Career Ambassador I am making it my mission to help aged-out Foster Children by matching them with companies through city/state programs that fund On-The-Job Training.  Our partnerships with Private Enterprise enable us to grow the seeds of sustainability, unity and Employer/Employee prosperity. 

Do you have a great idea for doing good and helping others?  Are you a company experiencing the great American Job Quit in need of workers?  We are here to consider your first steps toward realizing your objectives and vision. 

Jo Prabhu



International Services Group is an established Recruitment & Consulting Firm  based in California. We have serviced Domestic and Global Employers for 25+ years with unmatched outside-the-box process improvement strategies to fill their job openings. 

We now conduct One-Stop Virtual Job-Fairs on our Jobinar Platform to connect Job-Seekers with Hiring Managers in Real Time. Our fast-track Candidate Sourcing Procurement Process produces a 75% increase in Targeted Talent Supply and our innovative Vetting and Onboarding procedures result in 60% Candidate Loss, 35% Reduction in Time-To-Fill and 30% savings in Vendor-related costs.