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Apply for  2nd Chance Jobs in California

If you have been laid off by the pandemic, are a student in college  or from the Justice Systems seeking a 2nd Chance Job we can help sign you up as an Apprentice, Extern or Intern in the Industry of your Choice. 

Apply for Nursing Opportunities in California
Apply for Physician Opportunities anywhere in the USA
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Become a Mentor 

We have a 24 x 7 need for experienced Independent Behavioral and Mental Health Mentors-

Small Business Entrepreneurs

We help Independent Consultants and Small Business Entrepreneurs GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

  • Sign up for our Zoominars-Its a great place to connect with our vast network of Business Owners to pitch your company. 

  • Sign up for our Jobinars to meet our JobSeekers. Find out how you can hiring our Interns, Externs and Apprentices  who get paid get paid with city and state funds while you provide On-The-Job Training for 3-6 weeks

  • On-/Off-site, Remote Full-time or PT candidates available throughout the USA

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