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We invite you to Join our collaborative movement to Re-Imagine Work & The Workplace! 

Dear Reader,

As a Recruitment Consultant and Career Specialist for 25 years I have focused on the placement of Healthcare Professionals and IT Specialists  for various organizations.  

People are our business and our focus is to hire them for their skills without regard to race, skin color or ethnicity as we firmly believe that RED is the only color that matters-it is the color of blood we will all need from anonymous donors at some point in our lives! 

Our current Covid-19 crisis for essential workers has made available many possibilities and programs for employers and I am a firm believer that Fate and  Karma create new paths! 


My focus has now transitioned to utilize my experience from active Recruitment to help Employers Re-imagine their Workplace with Work-Ready US citizens who have been displaced by the pandemic, to also include those from the justice 'correctional' systems by providing  them with a 2nd Chance career opportunities through the many available Re-Entry Programs! 

My mission and that of our growing dedicated team of Recruitment Consultants, is to partner with Businesses to reach beyond your current boundaries and together build better Lives by providing workplace training to this dynamic and emerging Workforce through Internships, Externships or Apprenticeships. 


Find out how Employers receive workforce training funds through state-sponsored Re-Entry Partnership Programs by giving those who deserve a Second Chance. 

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Jo Prabhu


Recruitment Consultants-Reimagining Work and the Workplace

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