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As a Recruitment Consultant and Career Specialist in Behavioral and Mental Health for 25 years. I have focused on the placement of Healthcare Professionals and IT Specialists  for various organizations.  


For the past 2 years I have been involved in Recruitment for the justice systems and it has opened my eyes about the tragedies that occur in peoples lives that needlessly lead to incarceration. How do I know this? I have an adopted grandson from the Foster-Care System and know first-hand that once they are in the system, it is impossible to get out!  The bigger tragedy is that he is Black and finding out that our so-called 'Correctional Systems' are really designed for punishment NOT rehabilitation, locking up those with minor infractions along with mentally ill and dangerous criminals is a human tragedy that creates a vicious cycle of victimization and profitable recycling within the jail systems.  


My mission, along with a growing dedicated team, is to Reimagine Work and the Workforce by expanding our services from Recruitment for primary professionals.  We are on a path. to educate and actively involve the general Business community in emerging industries with a chance to hire our own US citizens. They are a Work-Ready Work-Force from our own communities, languishing in our justice systems, when all they need is a helping hand and a sustainable Second-Chance  job with a caring Employer!   


People are our business without regard to their ethnicity. The only color that matters to us is Red- the color of blood that binds us and will need from a anonymous donor at some point in our lives!  We encourage Employers to reach beyond your current boundaries to Re-engage in Reimagining a % of your Workforce to sign up for our Employer Re-Entry Partnership Programs and hire our own non-violent, non-criminal work-ready US citizens with a chance to emerge from the Justice Systems...  

The plight of my own grandson, has has opened my eyes to the plight of thousands of others, many of them from broken or poverty stricken homes or Foster Care systems.  With no other convenient housing, they are blanketly labelled 'MENTALLY ILL', shackled and locked up in ‘mental health’ facilities with other  dangerous patients. With no help, no place to go, no family, no friends, no money, no one on the outside, and no jobs to survive if and when they ever get out! 


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Our current crisis for essential workers, has made available many programs for employers. In addition we raise $$ through kind Benefactors, Sponsors and our Go-Fund-Me page for the following: 

  • To provide clothing, food and housing, transportation, work related equipment 

  • By promoting and selling message-based T-Shirts, Hats, Covid Masks and any essential products made in the US by our own citizens for mass consumption to raise $$ for this humanitarian cause! 


Contact us-We look forward to partnerships and Building Better Lives especially for those who deserve a Second Chance.




Jo Prabhu, Founder


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