Its no secret that the the biggest challenge Employer's face is the loss of Top Candidates.  Delays ascribed to procedural glitches cause needless waste in time and money, but not with us!  Our Recruitment Consulting Group, a consortium of elite Industry Specialists, know how to make things happen each and every time!  By combining our collective candidate database and extensive experience, our modern innovative outside-the-box Sourcing, Vetting and Fast-Track Onboarding methodologies result in 85% increase in targeted talent supply, 70% Reduction in time-to-fill, 90% Faster Closing-Ratios, and 35% decrease in vendor-related costs.  You are in capable hands!  


Our clients include small, medium and large Medical Centers, Community Hospitals, Medical Groups, Clinics and Behavioral/Mental Health City and State Correctional Systems. We seek strategic partnerships with Non-Medical Industries to address our post-pandemic staffing and essential worker crisis with affordable Work-Ready US Citizens from the Social Justice and Behavioral/Mental Health Systems. They're ready for you to hire and give them a Second Chance!


Contact us to find out how you can Become a 2nd Chance Employer and how we can provide you with FREE Interns, Externs and Apprentices for 3-6 months- paid for with City/State funds through 2nd Chance Re-Entry Programs.   

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2021-Healthcare Professionals

Physicians/Nurse Practitioners

Physician Assistants 


Corporate Executives

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2021-Healthcare Technology


Systems & App Developers

IT Security


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Mental Health

Behavioral Health

Social Workers

Rehab Specialists

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